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  A.D. Singh said....

It seems that the A-80 does not have a JAVA platform, it does not recognise *.jar or *jad files, and does not allow 3rd party programmes.

For eg, in A-4200 JAVA-based programmes were supported. I can install *.jar or *jad files depending on the compatibility.

I bought the A-80 only because web-browsing or playing games is better on larger screen. The screen is really wonderful, but its of no use as it cannot play the installed games (it askes for an update which always fails with a customer care number e-mail address in China). I can go to Vodafone Live (GPRS homepage) without any issues but NOT BEYOND it because of "insufficient memory" which pops up on the screen. I tried to install Opera Mini (*.jar file) but it was unrecognised file.

Clearly, the large screen is of no use. The value of this phone is equivalent to a basic Nokia phone (functionality). The touchscreen keyboard that pops us is too small even for a small-hand person like me to type.

I don't know whether these new softwares will allow Opera to be installed. Hope you guys update this phone to a new model with Opera brower compatibility. Also 3.5mm audio-jack, 3G addition and larger keyboard-screen will be great. I hope you guys are taking the feedback in a positive way, I LOVE AJANTA !!!

EMAIL ADDRESS:  love2dhana@gmaildot.comAug 17, 2010 @ 02:52